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🇺🇸 Home of the Drive-Thru

Intro to America


My college prep really ramped up in the latter half of high school. I spent months preparing for standardized exams, paying inflated “application fees”, and writing essays. My parentsforced me to apply to Stanford to “give it a shot, because who knows?” (I always knew I wouldn’t get in though) and I was about to send in this essay written by a machine After this ordeal, I was suddenly an incoming freshman at the University of Michigan.

I was pretty happy with the result and was excited to learn and explore new things in college. Yet, I often had varying periods of confidence and doubt. At times, I told myself that I should “just be myself” and focus on broadening my view of things, while at other times I went through moments of extreme panic over fitting in and making use of the resources around me.

Moving to the country that invented cheese sprays meant I had to un-learn and re-learn a lot of things I’d learned in India and more importantly, boarding school.

It’s been about a year since I moved to the US, and to say the least, it has been an interesting experience. There are aspects of American culture and life that I like, but there are other aspects that usually either confuse me or that I think are slightly backwards.

I told myself that I’d journal about my experiences in the US upon first arriving here, but in classic Amal fashion, I didn’t follow through with this plan. I took some short notes though, and home quarantine has given me some time to reflect on my past year. Thus, I present: 🇺🇸 Home of the Drive-Thru. I needed to come up with a quirky and uniquely American series name while staying politically neutral, so this is what my not-so-creative brain came up with.

Assuming I don’t bail on this plan as usual, I hope to write a series on my experiences in the United States and the little quirks I encounter in day-to-day life. I look forward to hearing your opinions and experiences!

~ Amal