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Agricultural Foodstuff Production in India Over Time

Please note that this visualisation is an experimental build made using javascript and some data visualisation libraries. So far, I’ve used Tableau to build, compute, and design my previous visualisations. I guess it’s somewhat better to store the data and visualisation on my own hosting platform, as opposed to uploading it onto a third party website and then embedding it here. If you encounter any problems or have any suggestions, please let me know via my contact page. The visualisation will render on mobile, but it won't be very “nice”, so to speak. You can find the original non-experimental visualisation here.

Visualise the changes in production quantities of various agricultural products in India over time.


  1. Continuous Line Chart #1
    • Shows the changes in production quantity of commodities over time.
    • Click on items in the legend to toggle their visibility in the chart.

Data Source #1 | Data Source #2 | Last Updated 12 Jan 2019.